About us

Our story

My husband and I were not always very conscious about our health. We grew up eating junk food and refined sugars and we carried these bad habits into our adulthood. 

Sadly we both lost our fathers at fairly young ages due to chronic diseases related to diet.

When I was pregnant with  our second child, we vowed to break the cycle of poor eating for our own health and well-being and for our children’s sake. We would hate for them to experience the same premature loss that we suffered. 

Unfortunately, we quickly realized that it is not very easy to change the lifestyle that you were raised on. It was especially difficult for me when I was pregnant; as I was craving desserts all the time. But because of the promise we made, I knew I couldn’t cure my cravings with just any dessert. I needed to find something nutritious, without the refined sugars.

So my husband and I began our search for healthy alternatives that would satisfy my unsatisfied sugar cravings. We went to nearly every store in the area to try to find something good, but ultimately, we failed.

After all the frustration, we decided to try creating a healthy dessert at home. So we got together in our kitchen and began testing all of our crazy ideas, trying to come up with the perfect recipe. 

Then one day…we did it! We created our first yummy date truffle using high quality ingredients. 

After enjoying these healthy sweets in our home for some time, we invited our family and friends to try them. They fell in love instantly! We immediately received so much positive feedbacks and requests for more!

At that point, we knew it was time to spread the joy across the globe. 

In 2020, Nailed It Foods was officially born.And here you are, reading our story and about to indulge in our date truffles. We hope you enjoy them. 

With love, 

Dima & Mohammed