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Nailed It Foods

Organic Cacao

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The story behind the product: Did you know that raw cacao is naturally designed to release steady streams of energy throughout your entire body? It’s kind of like taking your favorite pre-workout without the annoying jitters or crashes. That’s why we created The Organic Cacao. It’s a sweet and slightly crunchy date ball rolled in organic cacao powder, topped with organic cacao nibs, with a consistency that’s truly to die for. It’s the first Nailed It Foods Energy Bite created with your overall performance in mind. (p.s. it makes saying no to delicious chocolate a thing of the past.)


Ingredients: High Quality Dates, Organic Unsweetened Cacao powder, Organic cacao nibs, Raw walnuts, Organic Shredded Unsweetened Coconut.


Contains: Peanuts, Walnuts

It is our mission to promote healthy foods and vibrant lifestyles to the entire world through our delicious (and nutritious) Nailed It Foods Organic date truffles.